Cracking the Code on Employee Disengagement

Date: 05/12/2017

Time: 1494583200 - 1494586800 PST

High levels of employee engagement translate into increased customer satisfaction and bring other competitive advantages. During this workshop, you’ll receive actionable and innovative instruction on:

  • The #1 reason for disengagement
  • The downward spiral of disengagement and reduced productivity and morale
  • How to develop your leadership skills to encourage an engaged culture change
  • 4 steps to take right away to re-engage a languishing workforce
  • And much more

Lynda Silsbee is Founder and Principal Consultant at Performance Dimensions Group, a boutique consulting group that provides the resources and skills to nurture organizations along the path to achieving high performance. She worked for many years internally as an HR professional and started PDG in 1999 to focus exclusively in Organizational and Leadership effectiveness. In 2002 she launched the LEAP® – Leadership Acceleration Program and formed an additional company dedicated to expanding leadership effectiveness nationally through the LEAP program and its network of Affiliate Partners. Ms. Silsbee’s previous employment includes 17 years at Nordstrom in various organizational roles including HR, finance, sales, and operations. Her other relevant experience includes Genie Industries, Starbucks Coffee Company, Jones Soda, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Vulcan. Ms. Silsbee holds a BA in Business with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from the University of Washington, and received her Certified Performance Technologist designation for proven work in the field of Human Performance since 2003 and has held SPHR certification since 1995.


Lynda Silsbee

Performance Dimensions Group