Crafting Meaningful Development Plans

Date: 04/19/2019

Time: 1555668000 - 1555671600 PST

Culture change and culture alignment are common themes found in organizational strategic planning initiatives.

Effective culture change can’t happen until individuals take ownership and responsibility for the role they each play in moving the organization forward and achieving the organization’s strategic goals.

Professional development plans create important opportunities for this type of alignment between individual and organizational interests, as well for motivating employees to engage at a higher level. Outside of work, personal growth and development serves an equally important purpose of helping each of us find and pursue our best selves.

What does your personal and professional plan look like?

Join us for this informative and engaging program as we explore using a SWOOP analysis (a superhero version of SWOT), SMART goals, and other helpful acronyms, tips, and strategies for crafting effective professional development plans.

Red Kite Employment Law founder Jennifer Bouman-Steagall is a dynamic Storyteller, trusted HR Business Partner and experienced Employer Defender, with over 18 years’ experience representing and working closely with Pacific Northwest employers. By sharing her passion and experience with audiences, Jennifer inspires them to learn, reflect and laugh as they look forward to the future.

Jennifer Bouman-Steagall

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