Emotional Intelligence: Assessing and Developing Today’s Top Job Skill

Date: 11/13/2020

Time: 1605261600 - 1605265200 PST

Simply stated, Emotional Intelligence is a set of a competencies that enhance your ability to relate positively to others. Recognizing, understanding, and managing emotions at work is critical to success in the workplace. Our emotions are integral to our work and personal lives. Instead of trying to ignore or downplay them, why not harness them and use them to improve working relationships and drive business outcomes?

People with high emotional intelligence are adept at using empathy and constructive communication to create collaborative, cooperative work environment. They naturally relate well to others, are able to accomplish more through encouragement and persuasion and excel at inspiring, guiding and leading others to achieve their best work.  As performers, they tend to be flexible, adaptive, self-motivated and confident.

In this discussion/program you’ll discover how to:

  • Evaluate your current level of emotional intelligence
  • Identify your EI strengths and weaknesses
  • Overcome personal beliefs that might be holding you back
  • Understand how your emotions affect others – and how their emotions affect you
  • Better manage emotions by recognizing how thoughts and emotions are connected
  • And more!

About the Speaker: Deborah Jeffries, SHRM-CP, PHR, CPC

Deborah Jeffries serves as one of the Co-President for HR Answers, Inc. She has over 35 years’ experience in the human resources field (31 in consulting). As a consultant, recruiter and trainer, Deborah works with organizations on the employment processes/activities, performance management, coaching/counseling, recognition, customer service, harassment, supervision, leadership, improved communication and more.

Deborah’s past work experience includes recruiting, training, education, sales and marketing, as well as HR in retail, restaurant, staffing, and manufacturing environments. She holds a BS in Psychology and a teaching certificate from Willamette University, and is a Certified Professional Consultant (CPC).

Clients comment on her no-nonsense practical approach, her energy and her positive attitude. Deborah engages, motivates and encourages program participants toward self-improvement and self-reflection to build up their skills to become part of a team that creates great places to work. Those that know Deborah describe her as energetic with a quirky sense of humor, a passion for HR, and a contagious laugh.

That’s the official stuff…..She also is a mom, wife, Seattle Seahawks and Mariners fan, lover of M&M’s, Mocha Frappuccino’s and arts’ and crafts. She enjoys the beach, reading books, hanging out with her kitties, eating anything chocolate, her next chance to go on a cruise and would love the opportunity to drive on the Autobahn so she can drive “fast”.

Deborah Jeffries

HR Answers, Inc.