View Webinar: Encouraging Managers & Supervisors to Build Safety Programs

Engaging Managers & Leaders in Safety

Did you know that managers, supervisors and leads have the most influence on whether you have an effective Health and Safety Program at your company?  Understanding their role when it comes to your safety culture is very important. At the conclusion of this Webinar presentation, you will have a better understanding of how supervisors impact your safety culture, and what their responsibilities are as leaders. The cornerstone to any effective safety program is developing a job hazard analysis for each position at your company. Included in this Webinar is a walkthrough of this job hazard analysis process and how to get your managers, supervisors and leads engaged.

After attending this Webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Engage supervisors in building up your safety culture.
  • Engage supervisors in safety activities.
  • Provide general supervisor expectations and accountabilities in safety.
  • List the steps of building a job hazard analysis and understand how supervisors play a critical role.

Scott Bradley is the Director of the Safety and Loss Control at Archbright. Scott has over 12 years of experience analyzing “Group” as well as “Individual” retrospective rating plans to include performance and plan design. He oversees the Archbright Group Retrospective Rating program, as well as individual programs throughout the state of Washington. He is also responsible for the implementation and quality of consultation services to Archbright members regarding safety related issues, including safety flex programs, workers’ compensation insurance, customized training classes, safety inspections, ergonomic reviews, behavior safety issues, job hazard analysis, performance gap analysis, and safety program compliance.

Scott Bradley