Grow Your Influence and Impact By Adding “Sales” to Your Toolkit

Date: 11/18/2022

Time: 1668765600 - 1668769200 PST

Many HR professionals are uncomfortable with the word sales because it conjures up uncomfortable feelings of manipulation and dishonesty. HR needs to get comfortable – sales in not bad!

Matter of fact most CEOs still come from Finance or Sales for a reason. It’s more than just their ability to track the money and make the money, it’s about their ability to sell change, opportunity and initiatives internally.

Find the right message and the right way to spread it so that it motivates others to “buy” what you are selling.

First, you are ALWAYS selling yourself and your expertise. The “sales” you are doing can be used with applicants applying for positions, to finance new benefits for employees and your budget requests, and to the c-suite toward your HR initiatives.

This program will aid participants in:

• Getting comfortable with your inner salesperson – you must be able to sell yourself.
• Getting you to understand your audience and how to improve your communication with them
• Learning techniques like “push and pull” and when to use them in your persuasion and messaging activities

About the Speaker

Deborah Jeffries serves as the Vice President for HR Answers, Inc. She has nearly 40 years’ experience in the human resources field (33 in consulting). As a consultant, recruiter and trainer, Deborah works with organizations on the employment processes/activities, performance management, coaching, customer service, harassment, supervision, leadership, improved communication and more.

Deborah Jeffries

HR Answers

Deborah’s past work experience includes recruiting, training, education, sales and marketing, as well as HR in retail, restaurant, staffing, and manufacturing environments. She holds a BS in Psychology and a teaching certificate from Willamette University. Clients comment on her no-nonsense practical approach, her energy and her positive attitude. Deborah engages, motivates and encourages her program participants toward self-improvement and self-reflection as they build up their skills to become part of a team that creates great places to work. Those that know Deborah describe her as energetic with a quirky sense of humor, a passion for HR, and a contagious laugh. That’s all the official stuff…She is a fan of the letter M…She is a Mom, loves Mickey Mouse, the Mariners, M&M’s, and a Mocha Frappuccino’s. Then throw in the Seahawks, the beach, reading books, hanging out with her kitties, eating anything chocolate, vacationing on a cruise, and the opportunity to drive “fast” on the Autobahn. Hmmmmm, what does this tell us about Deborah?