Hiring Essentials: Recruiting Secrets and Strategies for Building Winning Teams

Date: 09/16/2016

Time: 1474020000 - 1474023600 PST

Employees don’t spontaneously combust into problem employees or walking lawsuits, so why do managers continue to hire poor performers? The answer is an unhealthy combination of poor planning, a lack of understanding about the job, and even a manager’s underestimation of his/her ability to manage the staff. Creating a great place to work starts with hiring great employees, and yet recruiting well is one of the most overlooked functions within an organization. Join us for this interactive and entertaining program as we reveal hiring secrets and learn how to recruit and select the best person for the job.

Red Kite founder Jennifer Bouman-Steagall is engaging, dynamic, compelling, entertaining, and genuinely passionate about her work, or so people say (see our Testimonials). She also happens to be a highly skilled management-side employment litigation attorney with over 14 years of experience representing Oregon and Washington employers.

In 2010 Jennifer left law firm life to open a solo private practice called Employment Law Outsourcing (ELO). ELO is the formal legal defense side of Jennifer’s practice and continues to be the name under which Jennifer represents clients in legal matters filed at the agency level and in state and federal court.

Over the next 3 years ELO grew into more than an employment law practice; it became a better business practice. To give the prevention-focused, organizational development side of her practice its own voice, Jennifer launched Red Kite as a d.b.a. of ELO in 2013. It doesn’t take long to see Jennifer’s passion for training and her commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed.

Jennifer’s clients consider her to be a trusted business partner and effective on-site trainer with a reputation for professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm and creativity. She is proud to be a favorite speaker for human resource organizations.

Jennifer Bouman-Steagall