How to Build a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion: 5 Focus Areas to Build an Inclusive Culture

Date: 06/18/2021

Time: 1624010400 - 1624014000 PST

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a hot political topic right now in our country.

Some people are riddled with guilt about their privilege related to marginalized groups. Some are angry that this has taken so long. While other people think of it as an interruption to getting business done, tone deaf to their own, and others’, exclusionary behaviors.

In the HR world, there’s a sense of urgency to fix it fast. While creating equitable HR hiring practices, implementing HR policies, and providing education is crucial to addressing the systemic issue, it may not touch the hearts and minds of the people in the company to drive real change.

In order to create actual transformation, it takes building a culture of learning, feedback, and accountability, which is often missing at the highest levels or organizations.

In this talk you’ll walk away with:

  • the human case for building inclusion
  • the business case for building an inclusive culture at your company
  • five key areas to assess and drive behavioral action plans for change in your organization

About the speakers: CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

Co-founders of thrive! Inc., CrisMarie Campbell, MBA an Olympic rower, and Susan Clarke, MA relationship and Equus coach, are the authors of The Beauty of Conflict: Harnessing Your Team’s Competitive Advantage and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples. They also have a podcast with the same name: The Beauty of Conflict for dealing with conflict at work and at home

They’ve spent 20 years helping individuals, leaders, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships, as well as, profitable business results. They have given presentations on conflict resolution, teamwork, stress, and inclusion at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations such as the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, San Francisco Giants, and many others.

Their work and expertise have been featured in notable outlets like The Today Show, NBC, and Shape, The CEO Magazine, and Corporate Board Member.  They live and work in Northwest Montana.

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