How to Communicate Better, Faster

Date: 05/20/2022

Time: 1653040800 - 1653044400 PST

In today’s digital world, our brains have never been so busy trying to keep up with an overflowing email box, digital distractions, and a substantial to-do list.

This session blends information psychology, attention spans, and neuroscience to help you anticipate the needs of today’s distracted audience and make your messages more memorable.

Join communication expert Kristin Graham to learn:

  • Ideas on how to navigate the attention economy;
  • The science behind why multitasking is a myth; and
  • How to craft bite-sized content to get people’s attention

Kristin Graham


About the Speaker

Kristin Graham is the founder of Unlock, which looks at the latest on brain science, psychology, and habits to figure out how to unlock potential and performance. A former journalist, she spent 20 years leading culture and communications at global companies (most recently at Amazon) and is now a global speaker and strategist on the topic of communications, productivity, and neuroscience. Find her online at LinkedIn and on Twitter.