Is Your HR Dept Really Ready for a DEI Agenda? Turning Great Intentions into Meaningful Actions

Date: 06/24/2022

Time: 1656064800 - 1656068400 PST

Are you ready to lead a DEI initiative? Is your organization ready?

Ready isn’t the same thing as willing. Being ready to take on the difficult but important work around DEI requires more than good intentions. You need tools, a plan and a full-fledged commitment to the work.

In this program, Dr. Tiffany Powell, CEO of DrTiffSpeaks Educational Consulting, will discuss the important first step in closing the gap between good intentions and meaningful outcomes with DEI initiatives.


  • Participants will explore/review readiness concepts for implementation of organizational DEI initiatives
  • Participants will explore/review elements of evidence of an organization’s commitment to DEI initiatives
  • Participants will pose questions to gain understanding/clarity for organizational DEI initiatives

Dr Tiffany Powell

DrTiffSpeaks Educational Consulting

About the Speaker

DR TIFFANY POWELL, STRATEGIC EMPOWERMENT COACH A native New Yorker and seasoned educator with 27 years in the field, Dr. Powell has deep roots in K-12 and undergraduate/graduate education. Her appreciation for the power of teaching and learning undergirds her personal and professional life. For the past 14 years, she has honed the skill sets to assist organizations with raising their cultural consciousness toward organizational systemic shifts. Dr. Powell’s known for her personable approach to the DEI conversation that utilizes strategic research practices and keen facilitation skills. She creates spaces for clients to ask the tough questions, while empowering them to implement processes, practices and procedures critical for organizational change and advancement. Dr. Powell is the Founder & CEO of DrTiffSpeaks, an educational consulting agency. She holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, an MS in Math Education, and a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education.