The Leader’s Edge: Improving Employee Performance No Matter What the Job!

Date: 07/14/2017

Time: 1500026400 - 1500030000 PST

One of the biggest challenges in the workplace is developing people.  We believe there a few reasons:

  • Performance measures are often focused solely on quantitative outcomes
  • The leader or coach has low emotional intelligence and their own blind spots
  • There’s lack of understanding the importance of relational health in learning
  • The leader or coach’s inability to effectively assess an employee’s potential

We believe organizations need to be both smart and healthy to have organizational success. Leaders in those organizations need to have and utilize both backbone and heart in leading and developing people for improved performance.

What many leaders don’t realize is the impact of their relationship with the employee on the success of that employee’s learning.  The leader’s own emotional intelligence is a critical factor in the success of the employee’s potential to learn.

Today’s talk is about the art of science of improving an employee’s performance, no matter what the job.

Session Objectives:

  • Learn both the art and science of improving performance
  • Understand how to identify and reduce the leader’s or coach’s blind spots and access their own potential in developing people
  • Recognize how to build successful relationships and increase influence with employees for learning and development
  • Learn practical, proven tools for consistently improving employee performance no matter what the job

Thrive! Team 

CrisMarie and Susan have spent the last 15 years specializing in coaching leaders and teams to utilize conflict in healthy ways to increase their competitive advantage.

CrisMarie Campbell, BS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA

CrisMarie has a passion for leadership and teams. As an Olympic and World Championship rower, she learned firsthand what makes a championship team versus simply a team of champions. As a Boeing Engineer she helped initiate a groundbreaking cross-functional team approach for how Boeing designs and builds airplanes. As a Manager at Arthur Andersen, she coached executive business leaders around the country on the secrets to making big changes stick in their organizations. As a member of The Table Group Consulting Group, Patrick Lencioni’s (author, Five Dysfunctions of a Team) elite consulting team, she honed her ability to turn around a team in two days flat. In 2002 CrisMarie co-founded Thrive! with Susan Clarke to share her unique perspective to a wider audience making relationships matter as much as business results.

Susan Clarke, BS in Education, MA

At the age of 24, when doctors gave her just six months to live, Susan stepped into a leadership role in her life, identifying a diverse group of smart health-care professionals and rallying them to act together as a team to provide her a path back to health. Through this extraordinary health success, she honed her skills as a facilitator, educator, and coach leading transformational programs at the Haven, the prestigious professional development center in BC, Canada; facilitating in native communities, deftly navigating cultural differences to create understanding and healing; and coaching “stalled” corporate executives and teams around the globe.  More recently she has become a Certified Equus Coach, utilizing horses as a tool in her leadership and team coaching. With curiosity, compassion, and laser-focus, Susan helps leaders identify and eliminate blocks that keep them stuck, and increase their influence, vitality, and momentum in their work and their lives.

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clark