Understanding Co-Employment Laws

Date: 05/13/2016

Time: 1463133600 - 1463137200 PST

How do you get the most from your staffing company? This practical program will explain the evolving law of co-employment from various perspectives: state law, wage and hour, union management relations, and others.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the “right to control” test
  • Understanding the nuances under state law
  • Recognizing the parties’ respective legal obligations

Michael Droke started his career as a client, not a lawyer. He represented the same company where he worked in management, thus “walking both sides of the street.” As a lawyer, Mike had devoted his practice to practical, results-oriented advice and litigation representation in situations where the law, facts or business risks are ambiguous.

Mike’s practice is devoted to the areas of employment law, labor union/management relations, agriculture and cooperative law, and the banking and technology industries.

On the business side, Mike developed Dorsey’s LegalMine Document Review Solution from concept to operation. He has also held leadership roles as Office Head for Seattle (where he negotiated a large office move, and the office was named one of Washington’s Best Workplaces) and as co-head of the Labor & Employment and other practice groups.

Michael Droke

Dorsey & Whitney LLP