#MeToo Round Two: New Details, New Lessons

Date: 01/17/2020

Time: 1579255200 - 1579258800 PST

Recently published details from the journalists that broke the #metoo stories in 2017 are exposing new upsetting details about these stories–particularly about how companies and their representatives abused the legal system to discredit victims and cover up crimes. These stories contain important lessons for companies and the HR Professionals that work for them.

In this session, attorney Aaron Goldstein will discuss key lessons and implications for employment practices including:

  • Confronting Blind Spots – Harvey Weinstein and his lawyers exploited blind spots regarding sexual harassment and assault. Aaron will discuss how HR leaders can confront and avoid perpetuating blind spots
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements – Recent reporting has also exposed how non-disclosure agreements have been used to silence victims and allow perpetrators to re-offend. Companies must carefully consider such non-disclosure agreements in light of a public that is increasingly aware of the consequences of such tactics.
  • Respectful investigations – Companies and their HR professionals must also consider the tone with which they handle sexual harassment allegations. In light of the proven pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault, companies must handle all claims respectfully—even claims they believe may be false.

This session will go beyond mere compliance to how any HR leader can both serve the company’s interests and be a force for good in this very important arena.

About the Speaker

Aaron Goldstein advises businesses and provides litigation expertise on all employment related matters, from trade secret disputes and non-competition agreements to discrimination and harassment claims, under Oregon, Washington, and federal law. Aaron represents clients before the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, the Washington Human Rights Commission, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, and the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Aaron represents companies in a wide variety of industries, including banking, financial services, computer software, semiconductor fabrication, retail, and medical supplies.

Aaron Goldstein

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