Meet the Opt-Ins: An Ageless Generation of Leaders

Date: 03/11/2016

Time: 1457690400 - 1457694000 PST

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With five age groups in the workforce, there is a natural blending of ideas, cultures and habits taking place. This blending is producing a new kind of leader: The Opt-Ins. Also referred to as “rebellious Traditionalists”, Opt-In Leaders have five common traits that transcend traditional labels such as generation/age. In Justin’s presentation, he will help participants understand how these Opt-In Leaders represent an end to command-and-control structure, how organizational cultures are defined, and the way talent is attracted and retained. He will encourage participants to re-evaluate their current thinking on differences between ages and challenge the assumption that companies need to adjust to focus more on Millennials. As with any of Justin’s presentations, his content will be thought-provoking, perception shifting and practical.

Based in Austin, Texas, Justin believes inside every organization and person is a truth waiting to be amplified. Along a journey that started on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon to 49 states and 6 countries, Justin has worked with leaders of every sector and industry to discover their truth and convert it into vibrant, relevant brands. Co-founder of the branding firm root + river, Justin is a relentless and optimistic advocate for unleashing the power of truth and authenticity – and the systematic elimination of all that is boring and stale in organizations.

Justin Foster

root + river