Mental Health Accommodation: Buckle in for 2021

Date: 09/18/2020

Time: 1600423200 - 1600426800 PST

As COVID-19 fatigue sets in, along with a healthy dose of economic uncertainty, political arguments, and social unrest, mental health is starting to become one of the biggest challenges facing employees and their employers.

Unlike physical injuries, mental illness can show up as subtle, erratic behavior that is easy to miss or dismiss until it becomes unhealthy or even dangerous.  These challenges are amplified at work, where employers have a duty to protect employees, but to also avoid discrimination.

This presentation will jump feet-first into the grey area of mental health accommodation, using real case-studies to address the nuances of notice, interaction, and effective resolution.

Learning Objectives:

After reviewing federal and state statistics regarding mental health, including COVID-19 forecasting, participants will be able to:

  • Capture the attention and buy-in of management regarding the liability and impact of mental health issues at work;
  • Identify what constitutes notice and when HR and supervisors most often miss the ADA flags;
  • Understand when and how to make medical inquiries that are legal, targeted, and get the information needed;
  • Apply a checklist approach to a fluid and meaningful interactive process to identify reasonable accommodations;
  • Examine complex, real-time mental health issues using the best practices provided, including the most effective agency resources available today.

About the Speaker

As an attorney and Strategic Services Director for Vigilant, Jodi advises employers, trains supervisors, and ensures unparalleled service for Vigilant members.  She is a proud Coug and lives in Seattle.

Jodi Slavik