HR Myth Busters: Tipping HR’s Sacred Cows

Date: 09/23/2022

Time: 1663927200 - 1663930800 PST

Over the past several years, life as we knew it was upended and a lot of how and why we do things was called into question.  Even HR’s sacred cows—untouchable wisdom about how, when, and where employees work—are up for debate.

In this session of HR HotSpot, we’ve invited back fan-favorite, Jodi Slavik, Employment Attorney and Strategic Services Director for Vigilant to join TERRA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jenifer Lambert, to look at—and possibly tip over—some of HR’s other sacred cows, like:

  • Hire slow, fire fast
  • Your people are your greatest asset
  • Retention is everything
  • Culture fit is key
  • Better pay = better employees

Jen and Jodi will use their many years of recruiting, staffing, managing, and counseling experience to scrutinize standardized workplace practices and beliefs, and, better yet, reimagine approaches that are both practical and legal.

There will be plenty of opportunity for audience participation during the event. Tell us what other sacred cows you think should be put out to pasture!

This session is for HR professionals who would like to engage in some straight talk and challenge some of the workplace practices and beliefs that may no longer be serving us and replace them with reality-based approaches and solutions.

Jodi Slavik

Vigilant Law Group

About the Speaker

As an attorney and Strategic Services Director for Vigilant Law Group, Jodi advises employers, trains supervisors, and ensures unparalleled service for Vigilant members. She is a proud Coug and lives in Seattle.