Navigating the ADA Interactive Process Waters Without a Paddle

Date: 04/15/2016

Time: 1460714400 - 1460718000 PST

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Does the idea of an employee consistently working 40 hours a week performing the actual job for which he or she was hired seem like fact or fiction these days? Work is hard, job tasks are complicated, and getting work done with absent employees seems nearly impossible at times, and just when you think you can’t take any more, another employee presents a doctor’s note restricting him/her from duty or notifying you he/she will be out of work longer than expected. What can and should you say to the employee and other team members? Is there a limit to the accommodations you have to make, and how far do you really have to go before you can say enough is enough? If you feel like you are drowning in the ADA interactive process legal requirements, you are not alone. Join us for this interactive and informative program as we learn to navigate the ADA interactive process and the workplace waves it creates.

Learning Objectives Include:
1. Explore employee perceptions of special treatment or benefits for disabled workers;
2. Understand how disability law actually creates equal employment opportunities for all workers;
3. Define the employer and employee obligations to engage in the interactive process;
4. Learn when the interactive process is triggered and how to respond; and
5. Evaluate accommodation options and opportunities.

Red Kite founder Jennifer Bouman-Steagall is a dynamic Storyteller, trusted HR Business Partner and experienced Employer Defender with over 17 years experience working closely with Pacific Northwest employers. Red Kite’s unique “employment law with HR strings attached” approach promotes organizational development and responsible legal risk management by integrating legal compliance with practical positive workplace practices. Jennifer works closely with organizations to improve team communication, leadership skill development and employee engagement. She also loves to share her passion and experience with audiences to inspire them to learn, reflect and laugh as they look forward to the future.

Jennifer Bouman-Steagall

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