Negotiating with Stakeholders: Turn a No into a Definite Yes

Date: 11/18/2016

Time: 1479463200 - 1479466800 PST

Getting multiple stakeholders to agree to your proposal can be tough, and, absolutely doable once you understand what you need to do.
This presentation will give you the tools and techniques to help stakeholders accept the need for change by defeating the status quo “no” argument to your proposal. And, you will learn valuable techniques to demonstrate the value of your proposal to the organization.

Jeaette Nyden empowers sales, purchasing, and contracting professionals to optimize key customer relationships by providing tactical, customized contract negotiation coaching from the planning phase through to execution..

Ms. Nyden is a recognized expert in the field having co-authored Getting to We: Negotiating Agreement’s for Highly Collaborative Relationships, written Negotiation Rules! A Practical Approach to Big Deal Negotiations and co-authored The Vested Outsourcing Manual: A Guide for Creating Successful Business and Outsourcing Relationships.

Ms. Nyden has worked with organizations such as PG&E, TD Bank, CIBC Bank, Brookfield Johnson Controls, CH2MHill, T-Mobile, Jones Lang LaSalle, Microsoft, and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Ms. Nyden is an adjunct professor at Seattle University and has taught negotiation skills courses at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education.

Ms. Nyden earned her B.A. and Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University. Between 2002 and 2007, Ms. Nyden donated hundreds of hours mediating disputes for the Pierce County Center for Dispute Resolution, a non-profit organization.

Jeanette Nyden

Commercial Contracting Coach