New Hire Safety Orientations – Beyond the First Week of Employment

Date: 03/12/2021

Time: 1615543200 - 1615546800 PST

Returning furloughed employees, temporary workers, operational expansion, seasonal demand, and natural workforce attrition are all possible drivers for a changing workforce.

Whatever the reason, new or unconditioned workers can represent a new risk for your business. Studies show that recent hires are much more likely to experience injuries than tenured workers.

By investing early in your employee training program, you can help mitigate this risk. Join us as we discuss how to design and implement a comprehensive safety orientation program that follows the worker beyond the first week of employment.

Topics include:

  • Who to include?
  • Training Requirements
  • Effective Training
  • Short and Long-term Follow-up
  • Employee Retention

About the Speaker: Tiffany Knudsen

Tiffany Knudsen is a Content Manager at Archbright. She creates and reviews all Safety related content. She joined Archbright in 2006 as a Safety/Loss Control Professional.

In that role, she oversaw Archbright Retro participants, and provided them with financial analysis and safety-related assistance.

She is a certified Instructor Trainer through Medic First Aid and is the Medic First Aid Director for ASW. Tiffany attended Chico State University and has over twelve years’ experience working as an EMT, Firefighter and as a National EMT Instructor.

Tiffany Knudsen