Reality-Based Engagement: Accountability, Not Engagement, Drives Results

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Kelli Hinshaw Reality-Based Leadership

For years, organizations have been investing time, money and energy into engaging employees based on the promise that engagement drives results. But many organizations report that despite their best efforts, engagement programs just haven’t delivered as expected. While engaging employees is critical, it turns out that engagement isn’t enough. Engagement without accountability creates entitlement and chaos. The organizations that cultivate a culture of personal accountability are truly winning. And, it’s when engagement and accountability meet that breakthrough results occur.

You’ll learn groundbreaking ways to listen to, reward and attract high accountability employees, the true drivers of business results.


  • Recognize three key flaws in how the traditional employee engagement survey process is designed and implemented. Learn how these flaws are the reason that many companies’ engagement efforts are not producing the desired results.
  • Measure personal accountability as the true driver of both employee engagement and company results.
  • Explain and apply the four factors that make up a personally accountable mindset.
  • Use specific tools to fix your employee engagement process by introducing a focus on the cultivation of accountability within your organization.
  • Evaluate engagement results in a profitable new way by eliminating entitlement and tuning into high accountable employee feedback.

Kelli Hinshaw is the Vice President of Strategic Development for Reality-Based Leadership, working alongside the global thought leader, Cy Wakeman.  Since first partnering with Cy in 2005, the Reality-Based Leadership philosophies of ditching the drama, restoring workplace sanity, and turning excuses into results became the game-changing foundation for which she built her love for developing people and leading teams. For more than ten years, and through various leadership roles in financial services and healthcare, Kelli earned her Reality-Based Leadership certification and used her extensive knowledge of these counterintuitive leadership practices to deliver amazing results from large scale change projects, leadership roles, and coaching individuals and teams to realize their full potential.

Kelli was awarded the Training Magazine Emerging Training Leader award for her demonstrated leadership in developing, facilitating and generating strong ROI from her training programs. She has been featured on,, Association for Talent Development ( and Becker’s Hospital Review. She earned her MBA and accepted an invitation to be Adjunct Management Faculty at the University of Nebraska – Omaha.