Rise Together: Explore the Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team

Date: 08/19/2020

Time: 1597831200 - 1597834800 PST

The single most untapped advantage in most organizations today is teamwork.  Productive, high-functioning teams make better and faster decisions, while tapping into the skills, talents and opinions of others.  They avoid wasting time and energy on politics, confusion, destructive and unproductive conflict, and the exhausting hamster wheel of revisiting issues over and over because of a lack of buy-in.  Cohesive teams set aside personal interests to hold each other accountable for achieving collective results, and the organization thrives because of it.

Above all, cohesive teams trust each other.  Can your team say the same?

Harnessing the insights of Paul Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the Five Cohesive Behaviors of a Team model provides a more modern approach to teamwork that relies on vulnerability based trust, productive conflict around ideas, buy-in and commitment to decisions, peer-to-peer accountability, and a focus on achieving collective results.

Join us for this captivating program as we introduce and explore the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team and how it can benefit you in creating a culture of teamwork within your organization.  Learners at all levels of an organization can use and adopt the powerful principles, shape behaviors and create a common language that empowers team members to rethink what it means to work and rise together.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss the Five Cohesive Behaviors Model;
  2. Explore how each behavior interacts with and impacts the other cohesive behaviors; and
  3. Consider how cohesive team behaviors can work to change and improve team dynamics and organizational culture.

Jennifer Bouman-Steagall

Red Kite