View Webinar: Strengthen Your Company Culture for the New Reality

Looking to strengthen your corporate culture to survive crisis and thrive in the new reality?

Tune in to our upcoming HR HotSpot on Friday, July 17, from 10AM-11AM PST.

This will be a lively and enlightening presentation led by CEO of Vitiello Communications Group, Jill Vitiello.

She will provide insight into what modern leaders are doing to strengthen their corporate cultures and will share the top five actions leaders can take now, in order to create a culture of diversity, inclusion and equality.

About the Speaker

Jill Vitiello, chief executive officer of Vitiello Communications Group (VTLO), is an industry-leading entrepreneur and business owner who is passionate about the power of communication. An energetic visionary, Jill leads a high-performing team of talented professionals with a relentless commitment to achieving results for clients. Following a successful career on Wall Street, Jill founded VTLO on values rooted in faith, family, and community. A work/life balance pioneer, Jill’s commitment to making the workplace and the world better is demonstrated by her dynamic leadership in the business communication industry and the women’s business community.

Jill Vitiello

Vitiello Communications Group