Talent 2021: Strategies and Tactics for the “Next” Normal

Date: 01/15/2021

Time: 1610704800 - 1610708400 PST

The flaming bag of “opportunity” that 2020 offered up changed the game on so many things in our lives and in our organizations.  One constant through all of this is that the companies with the best talent win.

In this presentation, Jen Lambert, Chief Strategy Officer, of TERRA Staffing Group will answer the question “what now?”

  • What are the winning moves for attracting and retaining the talent your organization needs in light of the “new normal”?
  • How do you need to adjust your staffing model to fit the strategy of your business?
  • Are we all really never going back to the office? No, but…
  • Specific issues and opportunities for organizations who need employees to physically show up (I’m looking at you, essential employers)

This session is grounded in real world best practices with actionable steps any employer can take to attract and retain talent, strengthen culture and get deeper levels of engagement from their workforce.

No hand wringing or whining here.  We survived 2020, friends!  Now let’s face 2021 head on!

About the Speaker: Jenifer Lambert

Jenifer started in the staffing industry while still in college and what was meant to be a short-term stint to help out the family business sparked a passion for this industry that has led to a multi-decades career touching virtually every aspect of the business.  Her focus today is ensuring the company hits its revenue targets through effective talent generation and deployment, sales programs and marketing initiatives necessary to spread the TERRA message far and wide.

Jenifer has been a member of the Pinnacle Society, a consortium of the nation’s top producing recruiters and is a noted trainer and public speaker. She has served as Legislative Chair for Washington State Council for SHRM and on the executive committee for Association of Washington Business.  She is also a sought after speaker and trainer in the industry.

Jen’s favorite activities are anything that involves fresh air and a high probability of getting dirty or wet–kayaking, hiking, trail running and snowshoeing are some of her favorites.

Jenifer Lambert

TERRA Staffing Group