Talent Wins: Strategies and Solutions for Winning at Recruiting & Retention in 2020

Date: 02/14/2020

Time: 1581674400 - 1581678000 PST

What will 2020 bring?  Economists are already predicting a “Roaring ‘20’s” with some economic ups and downs, but regardless of what’s happening in the market, challenges with recruiting and retaining talent are likely to remain.  The “new normal” for the workplace isn’t fueled simply by record low unemployment numbers, but by fundamental shifts that are critical to understand if you want to be on the winning side of the battle for talent.

In this presentation, Jenifer Lambert, CRO of TERRA Staffing Group, will share the talent trends every leader and HR professional needs to embrace including:

  • Going beyond employment to full engagement. It’s less about head count and creating an environment where people believe they count.
  • Recruiting through non-traditional channels including re-employment. Yes, there are more open jobs than job seekers, but there are talent pools you’re overlooking.
  • Building brand culture. Culture is more than posters and programs.  We’ll talk about how authentic culture gets built and how to use your culture (warts and all) to solve your talent challenges.
  • All-encompassing talent management. Talent management isn’t just about the “FTEs” anymore.  Savvy employers are looking at a total talent management solution to drive results that matter most to the business.  This is more than just “bring in temps”—this is a strategic look at talent as an ecosystem.

While no one can confidently predict the future, what we know for sure is that in any market and every industry, the organization with the best talent wins.  You’ll leave this session with ideas and, more importantly, solutions you can implement.

Jenifer Lambert

TERRA Staffing Group