The Art and (Brain) Science of Employee Communications

Date: 04/16/2021

Time: 1618567200 - 1618570800 PST

A recent PoliteMail study shows there was a 72% increase in corporate email in 2020. And that’s just one communication channel.

This workshop focuses on understanding the digital overload of employees and will provide tangible tips to help your emails stand out in crowded mailboxes. Join this interactive conversation on how to be heard in a noisy world.

This session includes:

·        Research on attention spans in today’s online (and remote) environment;

·        How to quickly organize your thoughts before you write; and

·        Three simple tips to improve emails.

About the Speaker: Kristin Graham

As a former journalist, Kristin Graham looks at the latest on brain science, psychology, and communication best practices for how messages are best received. For the last several years, Kristin led culture and communications at Amazon and also taught the Amazon narrative writing process to tens of thousands of employees worldwide.

Kristin is a frequent trainer and speaker on the topic of communications, productivity, and information science to corporations, universities, and online courses. Find her online at and LinkedIn

Kristin Graham

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