Whole-Person Leadership – The Key to Increasing Influence and Feeling Fulfilled

This Webinar has been approved for SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification Credit.

Photo of CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke

CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke Thrive!

For the last 15 years Susan and I have coached leaders and worked with their teams to use the energy of conflict to get to creative and innovative strategies that increase their profitability and success.

What we have seen, and you have probably noticed too, is that the corporate world is changing and people are no longer willing to just put in their time.  They want fulfillment, work/life balance, meaning and purpose.

It isn’t just about playing a part perfectly so that you get the promotion, more money and climb the ladder. We see leaders that want to increase their influence as well as their internal sense of fulfillment and that takes practicing Whole Person Leadership.

Whole Person Leadership means leaders become crystal clear inside about what matters most to them, using their internal felt sense to guide their decision-making, speaking up when they are uncomfortable, acknowledging when they don’t know an answer or have made make a mistake.  They are real people.  As result of demonstrating vulnerability, Whole Person Leaders create an environment that invites dialogue, feedback, and new ideas.

Leaders that play it safe and don’t want to rock the boat, try to be nice and polite, while they look good on the outside are playing a role, adding less value and innovation to the organization. These play-it-safe leaders may have a title but lack the influence to keep people engaged and passionate over time.

Whole Person Leaders:

  • Refuse to rely on their role for credibility.
  • Greet conflict and disagreement as an opportunity not a threat.
  • Know they always have a choice and feel empowered.
  • Value honesty over looking good.
  • Work with their own stress response in difficult situations.
  • Regard emotional responses with acceptance.
  • Speak up in the toughest of circumstances, risk saying what everyone else is thinking.
  • Are the most influential no matter where they sit in the organization.
  • Focus and value both relationships and results.
  • Know influence is not controlling people but comes from leading congruently from the inside out.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand the principles of Whole-Person Leadership
  • Identify how the habitual well-meaning coping styles work against effective leadership
  • Learn practical tools that influence, connect, and enhance job fulfillment
  • Provide professionals with an innovative and revolutionary new look at their impact in the organization.

Thrive! Team
CrisMarie and Susan have spent the last 15 years specialize in working with leaders whose teams are stuck in unhealthy conflict and underperforming. They help teams engage in the energy of conflict, transforming it into creative, innovative and profitable results.

CrisMarie Campbell, BS in Mechanical Engineering, MBA

CrisMarie has a passion for leadership and teams. As an Olympic and World Championship rower, she learned firsthand what makes a championship team versus simply a team of champions. As a Boeing Engineer she helped initiate a groundbreaking cross-functional team approach for how Boeing designs and builds airplanes. As a Manager at Arthur Andersen, she coached executive business leaders around the country on the secrets to making big changes stick in their organizations. As a member of The Table Group Consulting Group, Patrick Lencioni’s (author, Five Dysfunctions of a Team) elite consulting team, she honed her ability to turn around a team in two days flat. In 2002 CrisMarie co-founded Thrive! with Susan Clarke to share her unique perspective to a wider audience making relationships matter as much as business results.

Susan Clarke, BS in Education, MA

At the age of 24, when doctors gave her just six months to live, Susan stepped into a leadership role in her life, identifying a diverse group of smart health-care professionals and rallying them to act together as a team to provide her a path back to health. Through this extraordinary health success, she honed her skills as a facilitator, educator, and coach leading transformational programs at the Haven, the prestigious professional development center in BC, Canada; facilitating in native communities, deftly navigating cultural differences to create understanding and healing; and coaching “stalled” corporate executives and teams around the globe.  More recently she has become a Certified Equus Coach, utilizing horses as a tool in her leadership and team coaching. With curiosity, compassion, and laser-focus, Susan helps leaders identify and eliminate blocks that keep them stuck, and increase their influence, vitality, and momentum in their work and their lives.