Winning More Talent — It’s an Inside Job

Date: 07/16/2021

Time: 1626429600 - 1626433200 PST

There is no doubt that recruiting is on the top of every business leader’s mind and priorities at the moment. With an economy that is showing robust signs of recovery, talent in short supply and epidemic levels of turnover, the talent challenges of the past seem like child’s play compared to the current market.

In this session, TERRA’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jenifer Lambert, will be joined by John Vlastelica, Managing Director and Founder of Recruiting Toolbox to discuss the current talent market, important changes in recruiting strategy and important tactics for any company who wants to win. Specifically, we will look inward. You may not be able to change the market conditions, but you can absolutely make changes to how you and your hiring managers navigate the battle for talent.

The format of this webcast will be highly interactive and will include topics like:

  • How to shift from recruiting scapegoat to a true talent advisor
  • How to engage and influence hiring managers and executives to be talent champions
  • Moving the needle on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • How to improve your culture with every hire you make

The goal of this session is to be super practical and address your real-time concerns. When you register, please leave a note about what recruiting topics are hot on your mind.

About the Speakers:

John Vlastelica is the Founder and Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, a specialized management consulting and training firm that helps companies recruit better. Clients range from startups to world-class brands like Amazon, Google, Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, Slack, and Nestle. John and his team all come from practitioner backgrounds. His training and consulting are rooted in real world, practical experience. Low on theory, high on application and impact, John is a highly ranked speaker and one of the leading voices in the global recruiting community.

Jenifer Lambert is the Chief Strategy Officer of TERRA Staffing Group, one of the fastest growing staffing firms in North America and a recipient of the Best of Staffing award for client satisfaction scores in the top 2% of the U.S. ten years running. Jen and her team provide staffing, recruiting and consultation to clients across broad industries and talent categories including manufacturing, distribution/logistics, call center, IT, engineering.

John Vlastelica

Recruiting Toolbox