The Number One Interview Question Employers Should Ask Job Seekers

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 12, 2018

One interview question employers should always askWhat’s the number one interview question employers should ask a job seeker?

Most questions focus on the candidate’s strengths, values and personality. But an interview that focuses solely on the candidate and the job opening leaves an extraordinary opportunity on the table.

Interviewers can use every interview to improve the company’s performance by asking interviewees this one question:

“If you could be CEO for one day, what would you change?”

Here’s why this one interview question is so powerful.

It helps you spot opportunities.

Imagine a candidate who tells you they’d upgrade the materials in a certain product. Or they’d expand a service area so it was available online.

Both answers tell you where there’s a weak point in how and what you deliver to customers – and they tell you one viable way to fix that weakness. Candidates who address issues they’ve experienced in dealing with your company tell you how to make those better for every customer.

It helps you spot weaknesses (before your competitors do).

Suppose your candidate, in addition to mentioning a product or service upgrade, also notes they’d upgrade the receptionists’ computer systems, or they’d implement a mentorship program to cultivate internal talent.

In these situations, candidates aren’t just pointing out opportunities. They’re also indicating a place in which “good enough” might not be good enough to stay ahead of your competitors. An outside perspective, like the one candidates provide, can help you see weaknesses and address them before your competitors exploit them.

It gives you insight into the candidate’s preparation and engagement.

The best candidates are the ones who will identify a legitimate problem and suggest a real, workable solution.

But what makes these candidates “best” isn’t just the additional information provided to your team, it’s they put in the time and effort to understand your company, its challenges and its opportunities. A candidate who can answer this question thoroughly and with insight is one who will likely fit well into your existing team – and who may even show strong leadership potential.

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