Three Hiring Trends to Adopt (Before Your Competition!)

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 25, 2014

To beat the competition to the best talent, it’s important to build an arsenal of hiring strategies. You may have tried and true methods that have brought you success in the past, but it’s important to mix in some current trends that can help you to find stronger talent faster.

Here are Three Ideas to Try:

Target Passive Candidates. There are good people currently in the job market, but to reach the highest level of talent, you may need to tap into the passive candidate market.

What are passive candidates? Gainfully employed candidates who are not currently in the market for a new job. Approach them the right way and you may be able to pique their interest. There are few people who will not at least hear you out when it comes to a advancing their careers.

Do they have a target employer they want to work for? Are they intrigued by a challenging new project or interested in a bit of a salary bump? A recruiter is essential when attempting to reach these in-demand candidates. They can reach out to currently employed people anywhere ­– even at your competitor – gauge their interest and sell the prospect on your company and the opportunity before you invest any time.

Create a Talent Brand

Talent Branding is like establishing a home team that everyone wants to be a part of – but of course you’ll only choose the best. Build a public profile of the kinds of people who work at your company and what your culture is like. Do it right and the people on your wish list will come knocking on your door. Build a robust website with a strong recruiting component talk about the projects you are working on, the company culture and the perks of working there. Fill the site with pictures of the company and the people who work there as well as their profiles. You want to encourage a strong, “Hey, that’s the perfect place for me to work” reaction from the people you are targeting.

Develop Existing Employees

The best people for your latest open position could be right under your nose. Why not identify talented people within your four walls and develop their skills? It’s a much more cost-effective way to hire and you have already seen first-hand how they perform on the job. No one internal quite fit the bill? Ask them for referrals (and provide a bonus). People tend to know others of a similar skill level, so ask your best people to recommend their friends and colleagues.

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