3 Signs You’re Working With the Wrong Recruiter

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 17, 2018

Recruiter warning signsWhen employers hire a recruiting firm, they are looking to partner with someone who is able to help them quickly and effectively fill their staffing needs. Their role is to embrace your business and source and vet candidates so you can hire the best talent in the market.

But is your recruiter doing just an ‘okay’ job? Or a great job? And lastly, can you spot the signs you’re working with the wrong recruiter?

Whether you just started working with a recruiting firm or have been using the same company for years, it is important to watch for red flags that may mean they aren’t the best fit for the job anymore.

Three Warning Signs to Look For:

  1. They Don’t Listen. A bad recruiter doesn’t ask probing questions about your business goals and challenges. They focus only on the fact “you need a body” to fill a seat and may not explore the broader needs of the department or organization. The best recruiters will work to build a comprehensive image of your company so they can find the best person to fill your open job.
  2. They Don’t Think Long Term. A recruiter who may not be the best fit for you may only be thinking about the current position you are looking to fill. They don’t ask about the opportunities or challenges you might face in the coming months or years. They don’t work with you to develop a staffing strategy that is proactive and help you manage staffing costs. A sign to look for that means you’re with the right recruiting firm is that they come alongside you to make your business, their business. They try to offer their market insight and expertise to enable you to craft the best staffing strategy possible.
  3. They Don’t Nurture the Relationship. Does your recruiter offer resources to help you strengthen and advance your staffing strategy? Do they have a company blog, eBooks or an email newsletter to help you stay informed about the changing employment market? Do they stay in touch with you even when you don’t have an open job to fill? The best recruiters will frequently touch base with you to help foster your relationship, as well as offer resources you can leverage in your business.

(Bonus!) 2 Signs of a Great Recruiter

  1. They Champion Your Company. A great recruiter will “sell” your company to job candidates. They will highlight what makes you unique, your company culture and other key differentiators. This can be integral when trying to hire for competitive positions.
  2. They Are Proactive. A talent recruiter will constantly be on the lookout for a candidate who would be a good fit for your company. If a top candidate become available in the market, they will contact you to see if you would benefit from creating an opportunity to bring this person into your company.

Looking for a Great Recruiting Partner?

If you’re looking to start working with a recruiting firm for the first time, or you are looking to forge a new partnership, contact TERRA Staffing Group.

We specialize in connecting businesses with the best talent in the market to fill your open position.

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