Tech is Thriving in Portland! 5 Tips to Find (and Hire!) the Best IT Talent

IT ProfessionalThe tech industry is booming in Portland.  Over 4,000 new tech jobs have been added to Oregon’s economy in the past year, and tech is growing faster than overall employment.

This is great news for IT job seekers – and tough for companies seeking to grab the best tech talent away from their competitors.  Here are five tips for companies seeking to find and hire the best IT talent:

  1. Know exactly who you want. Broad job descriptions work for some positions. In IT, however, you’ll get the best talent if you focus on your business’s specific needs.  Talk to your existing staff to determine which skills and personality traits are essential; then talk to your recruiter to develop a job posting that targets the talent you need most.
  2. Get active to get “passive.” “Passive” candidates are the talented individuals who are already working in the field, but who will take a job offer from another company if it offers the right opportunities, compensation, or workplace culture. Your staffing firm stays connected with these candidates, so connect with your staffing firm to tap this source of top talent.
  3. Consider contract help. Many talented IT workers prefer contract work to a long-term position because it allows them to focus their energies on the highly specific technical projects they know best. Your staffing partner can help you find temporary, temp-to-perm, or direct hire help, all in a single phone call.
  4. Get competitive. A competitive compensation package is a must when seeking tech talent. While some companies are offering more lavish break rooms or extensive work-from-home options, fewer are focusing on tech professionals’ personalities. These self-motivated, ever-learning professionals are often attracted by strong learning and growth options more than free snacks or Ping-Pong.  Plan accordingly.
  5. Work with a recruiter. Instead of combing through available tech talent every time you need new staff, work with a recruiter who can create a plan, reach out to established A-players and “rising stars,” and stay connected to the ever-changing world of Portland tech on your behalf.

As the technical industry grows, it can be increasingly more difficult to find and hire great technical talent. But by following these strategies, you will position yourself for the best recruiting outcomes.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters specialize in connecting companies to the best technical talent available in the Portland area.

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  1. My office has been talking about hiring a IT help desk sort of thing to help out when we have issues, and I think that being able to know how I could help my boss find a good company would be helpful. You talked about being able to work with an IT recruiter to help us out, which is something I hadn’t heard of. I’m going to have to look into that and figure out what help we can get for our office!