6 Ways to Reach Passive Candidates

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on May 25, 2018

passive candidates waiting for an interviewPassive candidates have been tagged with something of a misnomer.

While it’s true these candidates aren’t “active” on the job hunt, it’s not because they’re doing nothing. It’s because they’re often engaged in outstanding performances with competing companies.

Here are six ways to grab the attention of passive candidates and turn them into active participants in your hiring process:

1. Build an employment brand.

What are the top companies to work for in your field, and what makes them so great?

A strong employment brand ranks you among the “top” and tells everyone what puts your company above competitors when it comes to employment. A strong employment brand grabs the attention of professionals who might want a better work environment, keeping you top of mind.

2. Reach out in unexpected ways.

Many passive candidates would jump at the chance for a better position, except they don’t realize better jobs are currently “out there.” As a result, a job posting often isn’t enough.

Reaching out in fresh ways, like making personal connections on LinkedIn, can grab the attention of outstanding candidates. Show them what’s possible, and they may just reach for it.

3. Make the news.

Put your organization in the news in a way that exemplifies the best aspects of your company culture. Volunteer or charitable projects, new product or service releases, and other tools can help you show off to potential candidates – especially to those who don’t read job postings, but who do check the local news.

4. Use a referral program.

Employee referrals are a great way to tap into networks of passive candidates. Not only can an outstanding employee often refer an outstanding friend, but merely hearing “Hey, we could work together” is often enough to turn a passive candidate into an active one.

5. Mine your own professional network.

While strong employee referral programs can provide results, don’t overlook your own network – both online and in person. LinkedIn is a perfect place to reach out to strong candidates, and your own professional contacts may know “just the person” for the job.

6. Work with a recruiter.

Recruiting firms specialize in staying in touch with top performers, and in knowing when these individuals will take the right position if it becomes available. Your recruiter can help you ensure passive candidates know what you have to offer.

How TERRA Can Help

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters help clients reach all the best candidates for the job – active and passive alike. Find one our branches today to learn more about how our award-winning staffing services can help your company.

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