Adjust Your Recruiting Style to Find (and Hire!) Top Talent

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on August 18, 2017


Do you have your recruiting system down to a science?

Do the best candidates still seem to end up with your competitors?

If the answer to both question is “yes,” it may be time to rethink your science—and adapt your recruiting style to appeal to top candidates. Here’s why (and how) to do just that.

Same Process = Same Candidates

If you’re using the same recruitment process every time you need to hire, chances are good you’re getting the same caliber of candidates every time. And if that caliber doesn’t include a large percentage of outstanding applicants, it’s time to rethink the process.

Releasing job postings in the places candidates look, focusing them on the traits top talent looks for, and working with a recruiter who can mention your name to these star players can disrupt your process in a way that produces better candidates.

Speaking Superstar

If you were going to write a job posting to grab the attention of the best candidates, what would it say?

Your recruiter knows. Including actionable verbs, a “day in the life” overview of key job duties, and a description of the company that highlights its core values and culture can all help you attract candidates who will thrive in the job—and encourage unqualified applicants to apply elsewhere.

It’s All About the Experience

Every outstanding professional wants to be recognized for the efforts they have expended and the results they’ve achieved over the course of their career. By focusing on the candidate experience throughout the recruiting process, you communicate that candidates’ time and skills are valuable to you—and you want them on the team.

Often, your recruiter can be your best ally in creating an unparalleled candidate experience. Your recruiter starts by examining your hiring process from the perspective of a candidate and continues by reaching out to promising candidates on your behalf, providing a personal touch that can make all the difference.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters focus on understanding our clients’ unique needs so we can adjust our recruiting style to find the top talent that also offer a great cultural fit with your existing team. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning recruitment services in Phoenix, Portland and Seattle.

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