I Applied with TERRA on Thursday and Had a Full-Time Job By Monday

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 9, 2016

Jason has been doing an excellent job in his new role and we wish him continued success!

Jason Huff grew up in Western Washington. After graduating from Western Washington University in 2012, with a BA in Acting, he moved to the Midwest.

He was there for two years before returning to Washington.

Once in Seattle, he immediately began looking for a staffing agency in the area to help him with his job search, and found TERRA.

Jason said, “I looked for the most popular and successful staffing agencies and TERRA was always at the top of the list, with the best reputation in the Seattle area.”

He scheduled an interview with TERRA’s Seattle office and made a great first impression.

Everyone who spoke with Jason was immediately impressed by his passionate and engaging personality. So much so, that they thought he would be a great fit for a data entry position with a company that services legal firms.

On paper, the role may not have seemed like the right fit for Jason, who has 15 years of primarily customer service and retail experience under his belt.

But Mark Eckroth, Seattle Staffing Manager, explained, “Jason’s background may have been different, but for this position, it’s about more than just the skills on a resume. It’s also about personality. The role required a certain personality and we thought Jason’s personality would mesh well.”

And the Seattle team was right.

The client liked Jason and thought he was the perfect fit for their team. And they brought him on as a full-time, regular employee after three months on the job.

Not only that, he did such a great job spearheading a special project that the client created a new position just for him! He even has his own assistant now!

Regarding his experience with TERRA, Jason shared, “I had only worked with one other staffing agency (in Chicago), and they were always quick to hook me up with a job at a moment’s notice. TERRA was just as efficient! I applied with TERRA on a Thursday, and I had my first day of work ready for me four days later – the following Monday.”

He also had some kind words to share about Mark. “Mark Eckroth has been a great contact to have over at TERRA. He’s patient, attentive, genuine, thorough, and is always looking for ways to improve the client/agent relationship.”

We are immensely glad that we were able to help Jason find a job that allows him to shine.

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