Should You Evaluate Performance of Temporary Employees?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on March 10, 2014

Regular performance reviews provide valuable feedback and guidance for employees.  Most companies review their regular employees’ work with each employee at least once per year.  Evaluating the performance of your temporary employees can also provide insight.

Evaluating the performance of temporary employees offers several benefits.

    1. Performance evaluations tell temporary employees how to do better. Just like regular workers, temporary and contract workers perform better when they have specific, constructive feedback regarding their work.  While managers can provide some pointers on a day-to-day basis, an overall performance review provides a “big picture” look at the employee’s work, identifying both the places the worker excels and where they can improve.
    2. Performance evaluations provide an objective measure of performance. When the same standard steps for performance evaluation are used for all employees, they provide an objective measure of comparison.  Information from performance reviews can be used to measure how temporary employees are performing relative to one another and to regular staff.
    3. Performance evaluations can point decision makers in the right direction. Picture this: your organization has had several contract workers on board for the past six months.  One worker in particular has fit seamlessly into your company’s culture and appears to be thriving.  But how is this worker performing as a whole?  Where are this person’s strengths and weaknesses, and how do they measure up against the strengths and weaknesses of other workers?  Data from performance evaluations can help decision makers answer these questions when it comes time to decide whether to make a temporary hire into a permanent one.

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  1. Performance evaluations help your staffing partner help you. The information from a temporary employee’s performance evaluation can also improve your communication with your staffing partner.  Performance reviews provide insight into issues you may be having with temporary employees, helping your company outline a better fit for future employees.  By better understanding what your company needs, your staffing partner can provide better-quality talent for both temporary and contract positions.

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