How to Attract (and Hire) Talent in Phoenix’s Competitive Market

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 12, 2015

For businesses, one of the few silver linings of the post-2009 economic trouble was the wide availability of talented, experienced employees thrust back into the job search. When Phoenix’s unemployment rate was in the double digits, it was a buyer’s market where employers looking to fill vacancies had many more qualified applicants than they needed.

But with the improving economy, new and expanding companies have found themselves in need of workers, and the unemployment rate in the Phoenix metropolitan area is now just 5.4 percent. While that’s certainly great economic news, it means the buyer’s market has been turned on its head, and qualified applicants will have plenty of options.

In these conditions, an employer has to stand out and get creative. While one obvious solution is to offer the highest salaries, this isn’t always the best approach. Most people are motivated by a variety of factors, not just the number on their paycheck.

Be The Place People Want To Work

The best employees want to do more than punch the clock. They want to feel valued and trusted. They want to be able to take pride in their work, but still have a healthy balance between it and their personal life.

A good employer is more than just some free lunches and fun corporate outings. The best employers make a commitment to a culture which supports and respects their employees, and they’ll let go of people who won’t buy in to that philosophy.

Educational Links

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that barely over a quarter of jobs created between 2012 and 2022 will require a college degree, leaving many young graduates without prospects in their field.

By working with educational institutions, companies can make high school and college students aware of promising career options and promote an increase in their potential labor pool. One such partnership, between the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, local colleges and public authorities, seeks to offset an expected shortage in skilled technicians and engineers for the energy sector by providing a facility that will produce graduates ready to work in the required roles.

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