Why (and How!) You Need to Audit Your Talent Experience

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on November 2, 2017

Helpful tips on improving your company's talent experience. (Helpful tips is written in Scrabble pieces.)Have you audited your talent experience recently?

When a candidate contacts your company, what happens? How easy is it for them to connect with your people?

To understand why top talent drifts away from your company, you need a “roadmap” of the candidate’s experience – and you need to view that map from the candidate’s perspective.

By doing so, you identify points at which the best candidates lose interest, become distracted or simply give up. More importantly, you gain the chance to address those points and keep outstanding talent in the running.

A Quick-Start Guide

To see your hiring process from your candidates’ point of view:

  • Become the candidate. Search for your own job postings online. Create a “dummy account” so you can navigate your own application system from the candidate’s perspective.
  • Review the calendar. Look at the key dates from your last hire: the time between their application and your first personal contact with them, the time between scheduling the interview and holding it; and the time it took you to get back to them after.
  • Talk to recent hires. What were their most – and least – liked parts of the application and hiring process? What made them choose to stick with it – or nearly derailed them?

With this information in mind, it’s time to improve your hiring process. But first, talk to a recruiter.

How Partnering With a Recruiter Improves Your Talent Experience

A recruiter can become your best resource for improving the candidate experience. Staffing firms specialize in building outstanding relationships between their clients and available candidates. They’re passionate about connecting the right person to the right job, and their techniques for doing so can greatly improve your talent experience.

The right recruiter can:

  • Source better candidates. Where are your top hires coming from? Your recruiter can find out, and focus on those sources to improve your candidate pool.
  • Vet applicants. Recruiters take on much of the work of screening and vetting candidates, allowing you to focus time and energy on evaluating suitable candidates for the best fit.
  • Review and revise your staffing strategy. Boost productivity, engagement and retention in the long term with an insightful staffing strategy and a staffing partner who knows how to craft one for your needs and values.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters focus on supporting your hiring process from start to finish, whether that means connecting you to the best available talent or helping you overhaul your staffing strategy. Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in Phoenix and the Pacific Northwest.

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