TERRA Helped Me Find a Job Where I Feel Valued and Supported

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on June 9, 2021

Stephanie Kirby, TERRA Success story, who was placed in a job where she feels valued. Stephanie Kirby was working in a warehouse where she did not feel valued. Even worse, she was struggling to pay the bills. 

She shared, “Even though I’d been with my employer for two years, I wasn’t given any opportunity for growth, or even a raise. My two kids and I were staying with my mom in a one bedroom apartment. It wasn’t easy.”

Fed up with her situation, she decided it was time to take action and started looking for a new job. This time, she was hoping to find a warehouse role in which she could grow both career-wise and financially. 

While searching for work, she came across an Order Selector job TERRA’s Aurora team was recruiting for. 

She connected with Jim Harmon, Colorado Area Manager, and they discussed what Stephanie wanted out of a job. 

Jim and the Aurora team were instantly impressed with Stephanie. Jensen Forbis, Aurora Recruiter, even shared, “Stephanie was an extremely clear communicator, with a friendly presence and voice. She stood out because of her genuine nature. It was clear that she was a hard worker.” 

Unfortunately, the position Stephanie applied for was no longer available.

But she didn’t give up. She stayed in touch with TERRA and kept the team informed of her situation. The moment a similar job opened up with the same employer, Jim reached out and scheduled an interview for her. 

“A month later, Jim called me about a new Order Selector job opening. I got a little nervous because three people were going to interview me. The people who were already working there had been there for over five years. 

“But Jim helped me prepare for that interview. He made sure I was ready and confident. And it went well. I really liked the three people I talked to. They were straightforward, honest and set clear expectations.”

Stephanie’s hardworking spirit and positive attitude obviously impressed her interviewers. Because she got the job! 

“I was so excited! It feels like it was destiny for me to work there. I’ve been with this company for almost eight months now. I really love it!

It’s a physically active job and I’m the only woman that works there as a picker! But everyone is so friendly and helpful. They all really try to make sure you’re going to succeed. They take care of each other. It’s like a family.” 

Even more importantly, this job has helped Stephanie gain financial stability. 

“I can afford to pay for my own place now so I’ve moved out of my mom’s apartment. I feel a lot freer and a lot less stressed.” 

Here’s Stephanie’s advice to people who are struggling to find a stable job to grow in. 

“My advice would be not to give up! Something good will eventually come around. And if you’re not working with TERRA already, go to them. They’ll help you find a good fit.”

Congratulations Stephanie! We are so thrilled we could be a part of your success story!

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