TERRA Found Me A Steady Job That Offers Work-Life Balance

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on October 28, 2022

Photo of Tony Estorga

There are many reasons why people work jobs they don’t like: pay, benefits, learning opportunities, or even fear of change. But sometimes, the cons strongly outweigh the pros. 

This was the case for Tony Estorga.  He’d recently reached his limit at a former employer, a commercial construction company.

In his role, Tony flew to different parts of the country for a wide variety of projects—often not knowing the full scope of the job until he got there!

He shared an example:

For one job, I was told we would be working on canopies. But then I learned that we would actually be making canopies from scratch. The job was exciting at first until the truck showed up two days late and we were put into a really rundown hotel. When it was time to do demolition work, we had to stop, because my boss didn’t complete the necessary paperwork. 

For two years, Tony stayed at this position because he wanted the experience. But he met his breaking point one Christmas while stuck at a job far from home.

Things deteriorated with the company in terms of their professionalism, management and lack of accountability. It was like everyone I was working with turned into a teenager.

So Tony reached out to his mom, Mendy Mitchell, who is also a Senior Recruiter out of TERRA’s Aurora branch office. In addition to wanting to speak to his mother, he also wanted some insight into her recruiting expertise. 

Mendy knew that she could leverage Tony’s skills, so she suggested he give TERRA a try. 

As a mom, I think he was ready to stay home and work a job that didn’t entail flying out to remote locations. And I suspect he missed my home-cooked meals. I’m also fully aware of how hard he works and what his mechanical aptitude is. He owns a zillion tools, and he’s been able to take a car apart and put it back together again since age 14. 

As a Recruiter, I knew he wanted an opportunity to use his experience and learn exciting new skills in an industry that sounded fun to him. 

So when a manufacturing company reached out to Mendy for a Mechanical Assembler position, she thought he would be perfect for the role. 

The client, on the other hand, preferred candidates with previous auto mechanic experience, which Tony didn’t have. Mendy advocated for him, as she would have for any of her candidates, knowing that his skills were adjacent. And because the client trusted her, they decided to give Tony a shot. 

Tony was determined to demonstrate the level of talent he had within him. 

When I was first hired, no matter what work we received, there were 8 employees with 8 sets of hands to work on it. That made it hard to shine. But once my leads saw my work ethic, how fast I retain information and problem-solve, I was moved into assembly.

It’s very new but also familiar at the same time. I’m assembling parts I’ve never seen in my life, but it’s like LEGO building. Seeing things all come together is awesome.

We are thrilled to share that Tony’s hard work did not go unnoticed, and he received a permanent job offer!

His supervisor’s praise, though short and sweet, says it all: “He has done us right. Hell of a worker!”

Tony was thrilled to become an official part of the team. He says his life has changed dramatically because his teammates work just as hard as he does. And most importantly, his job is consistent. 

Meanwhile, Mendy couldn’t be more proud of her son. 

He worked so hard for this. He wakes up at 3:30am every morning to make sure he gets to work on time, works as hard as he can and learns as much as possible. He’s a rock star.

Congratulations, Tony! Your perseverance is inspiring. We’re so happy that you’ve found a job that provides work-life balance and is helping you grow your skills.

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