I Struggled to Find Work After Moving – But TERRA Found Me the Perfect Fit

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on May 19, 2021

Image of Jaydon Myers, TERRA Success Story, who moved to Oregon and was placed in a job he loves.When Jaydon Myer’s girlfriend decided to go to school in Portland, they agreed to relocate from Eugene and move in together. 

While he was excited about this big life-change, Jaydon was also nervous. Moving to Portland meant leaving behind a good warehouse job and starting an employment search in an unfamiliar city.

Jaydon couldn’t afford to be out of work for too long. Literally. He needed a job fast to help pay the bills.

Determined to find something quickly, he decided to keep an open mind.

“I was pretty flexible,” he said. “I was looking for anything from sales, to retail, to warehouse jobs. My hope was for a small company with growth opportunities, but my focus was on getting work as fast as possible.” 

Unfortunately, even though Jaydon committed to his employment search, he didn’t have any luck. 

“I looked on my own for a while. I also tried partnering with a staffing firm but that firm wasn’t responsive.”

Based on his previous experience with staffing, Jaydon wasn’t holding his breath at getting much help from a staffing agency. Still, he figured he had nothing to lose. So he reached out to TERRA’s Beaverton branch

The Beaverton office instantly exceeded his expectations. 

“A recruiter got back to me right away! It was a great surprise,” he said. 

Jaydon wasn’t the only one to be impressed. His recruiter shared, “After my initial conversation with Jaydon, it was clear that he was professional and had a great attitude. He also had an adaptable skill set that any of my clients would be excited about.” 

In no time, the Beaverton team found Jaydon a job as a forklift operator.

Unfortunately, after a few months in the role, it didn’t prove to be the right fit. 

“Of course, it was disappointing at first,” Jaydon said. “But my recruiter called me right away and told me he already had a new job lined up with an interview for me for the very next day!” 

He instantly felt a connection with the company and the team. 

Jaydon explained, “There’s a certain feeling when you walk into a place. I just knew it was going to be right. The environment was great and everyone was nice and friendly. It felt like a family.” 

And they offered him the job immediately after the interview!

Jaydon started his position over a month ago now, and he loves it. He clearly has a lot to be excited about. 

“This job has been such a relief! Because it’s a direct hire, I already have access to healthcare. I’m going to go get new glasses in a week! They also pay me more, so I have some money to buy myself nice things. 

What’s more, the hours are more in line with my schedule. Now I get time to go on a run every morning with my girlfriend. 

The job itself is great. It’s a mix of forklift and walking around, which I enjoy. There’s a lot of room for upward mobility in this place. A lot of the people higher up started in the warehouse!” 

We couldn’t be happier for you, Jaydon! Congratulations again on your new job. We are delighted to have been part of your story!

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