My Job Gives Me the Flexibility I Need Right Now

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on July 29, 2021

Matthew Randazzo didn’t quite know what he wanted his career to be. He had tried many different jobs but had not found professional satisfaction. 

So he thought it might be time to shake things up. 

He explained, “I lived in Chicago and I wasn’t really finding a job that was the right fit so I decided to move back to Oregon with my mother.” 

In Oregon, Matthew started looking for work. He still wasn’t sure what he wanted out of a job. But he needed to start making money. 

“I was mostly just looking to get my foot in the door somewhere and get some work,” he shared.

That being said, while Matthew didn’t have a clear immediate plan for his career, he knew he needed a job with a flexible schedule as he had made another big decision for his future. 

He had decided to go back to school and get a business administration degree. And with school taking up a big share of his time, he would not be able to work regular hours.

Determined to find a job with an accommodating schedule, Matthew started searching. 

Pretty soon, he saw an ad for a temporary Machine Operator job that TERRA’s Beaverton team was recruiting for. It seemed to fit his needs, so he decided to apply. 

He connected with the Beaverton team, and explained his situation. Within three days, they placed him in the machine operator role he’d applied for. 

Even better, Matthew got to choose which days and hours he wanted to work. This arrangement was perfect for him. 

Although he had never done this exact type of work before, he was excited to give it a try.

“The first day, I went in and it seemed like good work. I decided it would be good for me.” 

He’s glad he kept an open-mind because he’s now been working with them whenever his schedule allows for more than three years. It turned out to be a great fit for many reasons. 

“Of course, the flexibility has been really important for me as I’m going to school full time. 

Not to mention, over the last year, Matthew’s need for flexibility has taken on more meaning as his mother got diagnosed with cancer.

Matthew explained, “I’ve been able to get days off when I need to take my mom to her medical appointments. I really appreciate that.”

Although the circumstances are unfortunate. Matthew is grateful for a job that allows him time off when he needs it. 

He added, “I also like that there’s variety in the job. I’m typically doing something different every day that I’m there. I get to explore different parts and processes. It keeps the work fresh.”

“Other than that, I’ve been able to do a lot more financially, since I started. I’m now able to pay my bills and I even got a car!” 

Not only is Matthew happy with his work, he is one of his employer’s most valued workers. 

Ariell Cha-Huynh, Beaverton Senior Staffing Specialist, shared, “Matthew has grown into one of the company’s most trusted and requested employees. They love him so much, both supervisors have asked him to stay on permanently multiple times.

His boss has mentioned many times that he is an incredibly hard worker. He is a great asset to the team. His supervisors appreciate that he is always positive, hardworking, and has not missed a day of work when he says he is going to be available.” 

With that hard-working attitude, there’s no doubt Matthew will keep excelling at anything he puts his mind to! 

And if you’re struggling to find work or hoping to start a career in a new industry, here’s Matthew’s advice:

“It’s really good to start with a temp agency if you’re trying to get your foot in the door in an industry. And if you’re trying to get a full-time or permanent job, it’s easier to start with a temporary job.”

Congratulations Matthew! And thank you for placing your trust in TERRA! 

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