COVID-19 Took My Job, But Not My Optimism – Now I Have a Job I Love

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on October 19, 2021

Deonna Robinson, TERRA Success Story, who found her perfect job!
Meet Deonna Robinson!

Character is not just who we are when circumstances are good. A true measure of a person’s character is who they are when times are hard.

Like when the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly hit.

It shook up the lives of countless people, especially when it came to employment. Including the life of Deonna Robinson. 

Deonna was working in electronics and really enjoyed her job. 

However, the electronics industry suffered. And like a lot of other companies, her employer had to lay off many of its employees. Deonna was one of them — despite having more than 30 years of experience in semiconductors and electronics.

Anyone would be devastated by the loss of a long-term job. Many people were. But Deonna is not like most people.

A naturally optimistic person, she took the situation in stride.

“I like to try and see the positive side of things, so I am never too down. And I took the same approach during the pandemic.”

She began looking for a new job and navigated her job search with an open mind.

“Of course, I hoped for the same type of work I had been doing. I’ve always thought electronics to be relaxing. But, to be honest, at this time in my life, I’d learned to be flexible.”

Finding employment, unfortunately, wasn’t easy, since many employers were not hiring at the time. And yet, Deonna never gave up.

“I knew something would eventually come around.”

Her faith in her skills and her belief that something good would happen did pay off. Because, one day, she was contacted by Sarah Vernarecci, a Recruiter from TERRA’s Clackamas office.

Sarah thought that Deonna was perfect for an electronic assembly role she was recruiting for. And after speaking to her, Sarah was even more convinced that Deonna was her client’s ideal candidate.

“Not only did Deonna have great skills, work experience and longevity, she had a wonderful outlook. She was truly one of the most gracious people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I just knew my client would be very impressed with her,” Sarah said.

Deonna visiting TERRA's Clackamas branch after finding her perfect job.
(L-R) Recruiter Sarah Vernarecci and Deonna Robinson pose together for a photo during an office visit by Deonna.

The interview Sarah set up for Deonna and her client went great!

According to Deonna, “It was just wonderful. I not only talked to my interviewer but also other leads in other departments. It went so well they even talked to me about different positions in the company.”

Spoiler alert: Deonna was offered a job on the spot!

I was so excited! And you know what? I was very, very grateful. It’s not every day that you meet someone who believes in you so fast.

I also have an income now, which, of course, is great. It was hard not having much to do during the pandemic, but now it’s so much nicer to have a job to occupy myself with.

And the job is wonderful. It’s a relaxed company. People get along. No one is looking over your shoulder waiting for a mistake. There’s trust and care — and that’s really nice.

Here’s another spoiler: Deonna is doing such good work that her employer is planning to fast-track her for a promotion!

But it’s no surprise to us. With her positive mindset and great experience, she’s an asset to any team.

The secret to her success? Her willingness to learn and her humility.

Deonna explained, “Each company is different. And I wanted to approach the job with a humble point of view. So, on my first day, I told them to treat me as if I didn’t know anything.”

She also has this additional advice for anyone looking for a job:

Consider having a backup career in case the industry you’re in isn’t doing well. Other than that, have a positive attitude, always be honest and try your best. This will help you make a great first impression.

Congratulations on your success, Deonna! Your patience, modesty and flexibility — especially in difficult times — are as impressive as the skills you bring to the table! We wish you continued success in your new job!

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