TERRA Allowed Me to Try Different Jobs Until I Found the Perfect One

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on August 18, 2021

Diana, TERRA Success Story, who was placed in a long-term job she lovesAfter being a stay-at-home mom for several years, Diana Gonzalez decided it was time to go back to work. 

Before becoming a full-time mom, Diana had worked in the shipping industry. So when it came time for her to find employment, she naturally hoped to find a job in that field. That being said, she was also open to exploring different opportunities. 

“I was hoping for something similar to my last job, but it didn’t have to be exactly the same thing. I was pretty flexible about what I was looking for.” 

Most importantly, Diana hoped she would find a position she could thrive in and grow into a long-term career. 

Looking for the right job to grow in, Diana found TERRA through an online search. 

She started applying to roles through TERRA’s website and quickly connected with the Clackamas, OR team

Since Diana wasn’t entirely sure what her perfect job was, she was happy to try out different positions. She shared, “The variety of jobs TERRA offered drew me in. I liked that they didn’t limit my search.” 

And over the course of the next year, the Clackamas team did place Diana in a variety of different temporary positions. Unfortunately, none of the jobs ended up being quite right. 

That didn’t discourage Diana however. She knew what she wanted and was confident that TERRA’s Clackamas team could help her find a career home. And she did not mind working in temporary roles until she found the right one. 

She explained, “Honestly, I loved that I could test jobs before committing to one. I really wanted something long-term, but I also wanted to make sure I loved it first.” 

And eventually, Diana’s patience paid off! After a year of temporary assignments, her recruiter told her about a Shipping Associate position that they thought she might enjoy. 

Always up for a new opportunity, Diana decided to give it a chance and agreed to interview with her potential employer. 

The interview went so well, they offered her a job right away!

Once again, Diana was excited to be in a temp-to-hire role so she could try out the position before fully committing.

She shared, “It was important to me to experience the job as a temp before accepting a permanent offer. So I got to try it out and see that it was a great match.” 

As it turns out, this time, Diana didn’t have to test the job for long. It was quickly clear to both Diana and her employer that she was the person for the job. In fact, her boss was so happy with her, that they permanently hired her within a few weeks of her start date!

“I was so excited! I liked the role, I liked the schedule, and I really liked the people I worked with!” She added, “I’d been told the role offered training and I really wanted to learn something new. Well, since I’ve started my new job, I’ve gotten to learn lots of new skills and gotten some great training. I love expanding more of my knowledge and skills.” 

Now that she found the right job for her, Diana is also grateful for the increased job security. While she hadn’t minded her previous temporary positions, it had been quite stressful to keep looking for something new. Now, she has a steady paycheck to help provide for her family, and a long-term job to grow her career. 

Congratulations Diana, we’re so glad we could help you find your perfect job! 

And if you’re also hoping to find a job that’s a perfect match for you, here’s Diana’s advice: 

“Give TERRA a try! They made everything easier for me. I’m a pretty shy person and they took out a lot of the stress of applying to jobs and interviewing. I’ve experienced other temp agencies but TERRA has been my favorite. They’re very organized and helpful, and they consistently check in to make sure you’re doing well.”

Thank you for putting your faith in us, Diana! 

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