TERRA Helped Me Overcome the Odds and Rebuild My Career

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on October 20, 2023


Photo of Jason Crozier

For ten years, Jason Crozier was a full-time caregiver for his mother. And after she passed, he made the decision to get sober and start recovery, because that’s what she wanted for him.

Giving your life a hard reset is challenging, even without experiencing loss. In the middle of all this, he chose to push forward and re-enter the workforce.

Let’s let Jason share his story.

When I contacted TERRA, long story short, I was in an out-patient program and searching for jobs online. I applied to a material handler role and then learned that job wasn’t bus friendly, which wouldn’t work for me.

But that’s how I got connected with TERRA’s Clackamas team. My conversation with them was really refreshing; I was open and honest about exactly where I was in my life at that point.

I was generally open to any production or warehouse opportunities. I used to solder engineering components and boards that were shipped off to aerospace companies. But because I hadn’t worked in like a decade, I just wanted to show that I’m dependable and can hold a job.

The Clackamas team told me about this production position available, and that they could set me up with a tour if I was interested.

I decided I’d check it out, and—I’m a big spiritual person. I believe God has his hands on everything.

This job was 10 minutes walking distance from the sober house I was staying at.

Obviously, I said, “I’ll do it.”

That was a good job for me at that time but the work environment wasn’t as career-oriented as I wanted, and I knew it was going to be a stepping stone.

I kept my eyes open. I checked TERRA’s job board regularly and came across this Deburr Technician position at an aerospace company, which is much closer to my background. Plus, the pay was much higher.

I called TERRA, they set me up with a tour, and it went great!

And as fate would have it—on my birthday—I found out I got the job.

I was kind of worried about the commute because this job is not walking distance or very bus-friendly. And then I got an electric bike for my birthday! To this day, that’s how I get to and from work.

Since I’ve started here, it’s been a total game changer. There’s lots of opportunities. I’m already signed up for the next blueprinting class, so I’ll have that under my belt soon. Eventually they might train me on CNC Mill and there’s good money doing that.

And oh my goodness gracious, I have an actual lifestyle now! At my last job, I could pay rent but that was about it. Now, I’ve been able to open up a bank account and can afford things.

So if you’re looking for work, just try to be yourself and give it your all.

Congratulations, Jason!

Your story will no doubt inspire others who have faced similar challenges. And we’re sure you have a bright future ahead!

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