I Wanted a Career Home and TERRA Helped Me Find the Right Fit

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on November 25, 2019

Have you ever been in a job that wasn’t quite the right fit? You don’t hate it, but deep down you know you’d rather be somewhere else.

Kyle Lukesh has been through this, too. He’d been working in a job that was… all right. He was a Night Loader for a lumber company. The people were nice enough and the work wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t the best atmosphere for him.

“I was working outside every night in the snow or rain and I just got tired of it,” Kyle said. “I decided I wanted to do something different.”

But he didn’t want to find just another job. He wanted to work with a company he could grow with. He wanted a job that could turn into a career.

Once he made the decision, he didn’t waste any time.

“I quit my job and started looking right away,” he shared.

The job search didn’t take long. Shortly after he began looking, he had an interview with a company. He thought it went great but they were taking a while to get back to him.

Kyle, determined to find work, didn’t wait around for them. He continued his search, which led him to TERRA’s Clackamas office.

He went in to his interview with an open mind and a willingness to try various industries. His main concern was finding the right fit.

The Clackamas team was able to get him to work a few days later with a local manufacturing company. He was there for a few months. But he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good long-term fit. So, he had an honest conversation with his recruiter and quit the position.

Luckily, Recruiter Aubrey Bedford called him back the same day. She had a great warehouse position for him.

“I was surprised to get a call back after deciding to quit the other job,” Kyle exclaimed. “But the new role sounded great!”

Aubrey said, “Kyle had the right experience, and knew what he wanted out of a job. He was ready to really commit to a company that’s good to their employees and would give him a long-term home.”

One of the great things about this warehouse role, was that Kyle was able to tour the facility before committing. And he liked what he saw.

“I got to talk with the supervisors and it felt like a good environment, like the right fit” he said.

A few days later, that he started in the company’s distribution department!

Typically, this employer wants to wait 90 days before making temp employees full-time, but they liked Kyle so much they couldn’t wait. They hired him on 30 days earlier – and gave him a pay raise!

It gets even better – he has been promoted!

“They love him over there,” Aubrey shared. “They told me he’s even been impressing some of the higher ups with his dedication and strong work ethic.”

Kyle loves his job.

“This job keeps me active all day long and we have a great crew,” he said. He also has some advice for fellow job seekers:

“Find the right fit for yourself. You can’t just go work any job and expect it will be a great match. You need to know what you want, and try your best to get it.”

We asked him if he would recommend TERRA:

“I absolutely would, I was feeling a little down because the first job wasn’t working out for me, but I was happy they were willing to work with me again. I got a new position so fast, I had to wait an extra day so I could adjust to the schedule change.”

Congratulations, Kyle! Thank you for trusting in us to help you find your right fit.

How TERRA Can Help You

If you’re looking to find the right fit, consider partnering with TERRA.

We can connect you to many employers currently hiring in your area.

We have offices in many locations. Our expert recruiting team is waiting to speak with you!

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