Persistence and Consistency – That’s How I Turned My Job Into a Career

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on January 2, 2019

Profit Floyd, TERRA Success Story, whose persistence and consistency has helped him establish a successful new career.Persistence, consistency and a positive attitude are important to having a rewarding career.

Profit Floyd’s story is a great example.

He had a successful security career in Las Vegas, his home of 16 years.

But, two years ago, he decided to move to Oregon, to be closer to his girlfriend.

This meant starting completely over.

Profit knew no one in Oregon, aside from his girlfriend. His two children were still living in Vegas. And he was trading in a job he found fun, for who-knows-what.

Ultimately, Profit thought it was worth taking the chance.

He moved to Oregon and tried a couple of manufacturing jobs. They didn’t work out.

Profit decided to look into partnering with a staffing firm, to see if they would be able to match him with a better opportunity.

While the temp agency he was working with was able to help him find employment, the opportunities were too short-term.

Profit wasn’t interested in being sent to different job sites every day. He wanted consistency. He wanted a long-term job.

An online search led him to TERRA’s Clackamas office. He scheduled an interview.

Recruiter Laila Hosseini spoke with Profit and thought he would be a good fit for a warehouse order puller position she was working on.

Laila said, “In addition to his previous experience working in glass manufacturing and his ability to do heavy lifting, Profit has a shining personality. He is personable, outgoing and positive.  My client is always looking for friendly, hardworking people and I just knew they would love him.”

She arranged an interview for Profit and the client.

“The interview lasted like three minutes,” Profit shared. “I called Laila and told her I didn’t think I got the job.”

It was, in fact, the complete opposite. The client knew he would be a fit right away. That’s why the interview was so fast.

The client offered him the job!

Landing the job felt great, even though he wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. The job was completely new to him. He just knew that this was a great foot in the door opportunity and he just needed a chance to prove himself.

And prove himself he did.

Profit quickly became someone that everyone in the warehouse relied upon to get things done.

“It’s great. I don’t know half the people in the building, but they all know my name,” Profit said with pride.

And he loves his job.

“I’m responsible for setting up everyone’s work day. I enjoy that I can work independently and that I have the freedom to make my own schedule, as long as the work gets done. And I work with some great guys.”

That’s part of what makes Profit such a standout employee. His positive attitude and his commitment to his job.

“I don’t let what someone else does, or someone’s bad attitude, affect what I do or influence my attitude. I refuse to let others beat me and I stay away from drama.  I’m there to do my job. I show up – on time – and I help people whenever I can,” he said.

Profit, if you can’t tell already, is a really hardworking and uplifting man.

Sadly, however, the last few months have not been the kindest to Profit. He lost some loved ones. Most recently, his father.

Sometimes dealing with tragedy can impact the job. But not in this case.

Here’s how much Profit’s employer values him: when they found out about his father’s passing, they paid for his flight to Louisiana and gave him time off, so he could be with his family.

If that isn’t touching enough, Profit actually returned form Louisiana sooner than expected – because he was eager to get back to work!

Profit said, “They make me want to be there. I wake up every day looking forward to going to work.”

We are so glad that Profit is in a job he loves and that he has such a good, mutually appreciative relationship with his employer. It really does seem like a great match!

Struggling to find a job? Or want to turn a temp job into something more?

Here’s Profit’s advice:

“If you are going to do something, be persistent and consistent. Persistence is important, but without consistency it’s a problem. Stay focused. Don’t let others discourage you. Success is about how you carry yourself and how you handle situations.”

Regarding his experience with TERRA, Profit said, “I am grateful for the opportunity TERRA has given me. I’ve already recommended three people to TERRA.”

How TERRA Can Help You

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