Could a Job Hopper Be Your Next Great Hire?

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on December 21, 2018

job hoppingJob hoppers don’t have a great reputation among hiring managers.

The indication that a candidate has switched jobs frequently in the past few years is often enough for many employers to shuffle the “job hopper” resume to the bottom of the stack.

But by dismissing job-hopping candidates out of hand, hiring managers miss the opportunity to connect with a potentially outstanding candidate.

Here’s why you should take a second look at a job-hopper:

They know what they don’t want.

Candidates who have had several jobs in a short period of time have the experience to know what doesn’t work for them on the job. With every move, these candidates learn more about what they need to thrive and how to find it.

Ask the candidate what work environment fits their approach best. If they describe your company culture, chances are good that you would become their “last leap.”

They bring a new perspective to your company.

Candidates who spend years with one employer develop a deep but narrow understanding of how a job should be done. By contrast, job-hoppers develop a broader understanding that there are many “right” ways to a job.

In an interview, talk to a job-hopper about what they’ve learned from changing employers. Ask for their perspective on the many different ways to do a job well. Chances are good that this perspective can help improve your own team’s processes.

They’re highly adaptable.

Adjusting to a new employer every few months or years takes effort and flexibility. As a result, job-hoppers constantly practice adaptability – one of the top soft skills employers currently seek.

Talk to candidates about how they adapted to a change in circumstances. Not only can you learn how these job-seekers prepare for a new job, you may also gain insight into the thought processes that cause them to seize opportunities even when doing so makes them look fickle.

You don’t have to guess.

Is this job-hopper finally going to settle down with your company, or are you just another stepping stone? There’s a way to find out: Talk to your recruiter.

Your staffing partner can help you understand a job-hopper’s background, pinpoint what the candidate is looking for in a long-term employment relationship, and find common ground that will encourage the candidate to focus on performing outstanding work for your organization.

How TERRA Can Help

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