We Were Looking for Great Jobs—And Found Each Other

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on December 21, 2023

Photo of Success Stories, Ed and Dawn

Typically, when people reach out to a staffing group for some support in finding a job, they don’t expect to find love.  

But that’s what happened for Ed and Dawn.  

They met as coworkers on a temp assignment in June 2022, and when their employer relocated out-of-state, they decided to keep in touch. 

And now…they’re married!  

Here’s how it all unfolded. 

Ed: I had a situation where I got hurt and couldn’t work for a couple months, and just got complacent. A couple months of not working turned into a few years. I didn’t have a routine, and I wanted one. I was staying up anywhere between 10pm-4am. Having a job just kind of centers the whole day for me. 

I was like, ‘Why did I ever quit working?’ So, I decided to go out and get a job. A friend of mine worked with TERRA and that’s how I got in touch with the Everett branch. I interviewed in their office, and they put me to work at a warehouse job immediately. I didn’t realize it would happen so quickly!  

And that’s where Dawn and I met.  

I saw this blonde lady and I thought, ‘Who in the world is that?’ She stood out to me because so many of the employees there had dark hair. 

We both ended up working together, not side by side but in the same area. I got to know her, she got to know me. Then the warehouse closed, and I got her contact info on the very last day. 

Dawn: We kept in touch. We loved to be with each other. 

Ed: After the warehouse closed, we went out the next weekend on a lunch date. We started going out together every chance we had. We went hiking, we rode the big wheel in Seattle, we saw the gum wall; we went all over the place. It started to feel like she was just kind of part of my life. 

So—I’m a total believer in God. Before we met, I met regularly with men’s groups from my church. And I said, ‘Pray for me that I find the right woman.’ 

Dawn: I was praying for someone too, by the way, to come into my life. 

Ed: Time flew by, and we got engaged! We married November 4th, 2023 at our church.  

Now I work at a food production company as a Shift Prep, thanks to a call from the Everett team. It’s interesting! I get along great with everyone, there’s a lot of people of all ages, all super friendly. And I’m kind of in charge of my department at this point.  

I like that people come to me with questions and being able to assist. Plus, this company takes care of their people. Every month, they do something for their employees like bringing in food trucks, latte stands or spaghetti dinners.   

Dawn: And I ended up getting a job through TERRA’s Kirkland branch as an Order Picker for a pharmaceutical company. They’re the middleman who everything is shipped through. I’m working in picking, shipping and receiving. It’s really fun—it can get pretty busy! 

Since Ed and I got together, we’ve grown a lot in so many ways. It’s awesome. 

Ed: I totally believe that God brought Dawn into my life. 

Congratulations Ed and Dawn! We are so happy that we could support you both in finding great jobs—and in finding each other. We wish you a lifetime of happiness! 

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