TERRA Found Me the Perfect Job – I Couldn’t Be Happier

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 22, 2021

Image of Tina Fortier, TERRA Success Story, sitting at her desk at a job she loves
Tina Fortier, TERRA Success Story, sitting at her desk at a job she loves

Tina Fortier worked as an administrative assistant for three years when her employer suddenly hit hard times and had to close multiple locations. Unfortunately, Tina was a victim of these layoffs.

Anybody who’s been in a similar situation before knows how difficult it can be to find themselves unexpectedly out of a job.

But Tina wasn’t heartbroken.

While she felt her previous job had been rewarding in many ways, and she was grateful for the opportunity to work there, Tina had found one thing horrible: The commute!

“It ended up being for the best,” she said. “When I was working there, I was driving about one hour to one and a half hours to get to work every day. That drive was horrifying.”

Long commutes can make even the best job daunting and, understandably, Tina was relieved to be done with them.

So she made the best of a bad situation and started looking for another job – one that would be much closer to her home.

To help with her job search, Tina decided to turn to TERRA’s Everett office.

She had worked with TERRA in the past and had a great experience with Recruiter Jessica Rahe. Jessica had helped her get a position at a time where she struggled to find employment.

Tina was confident Jessica could help her again.

This time around, Tina had a good sense of what she found important in a new position. To begin, she wanted a job in which she could use her administrative and customer service experience.

She also didn’t want to settle for anything that didn’t pay well. Most importantly, Tina was looking for a job with a short commute.

Unfortunately, TERRA didn’t have the perfect fit for her yet.

But good things come to those who wait and Tina was patient. Sure enough, a few months later Jessica reached out to her about a job!

Although Tina was happy to get this opportunity, she honestly wasn’t sure whether she wanted it or not. It just didn’t seem perfect. The pay wasn’t ideal and it was part-time work.

Still, it was in the field she was looking for and, more importantly, the job was only ten minutes from Tina’s home.

So, Tina gave it a shot… And it was a great fit!

“Immediately I was very happy and felt I really fit in. I knew I was where I was meant to be.”

Tina shared how much she liked her new co-workers and the company culture.

“I feel at ease now and I’m probably going to stay here until I retire! I think the company has a bright future and I’m glad to be a part of it. “

And clearly Tina’s new employers are just as excited about her as she is about them. Within three months of her start date, they hired her permanently, increased her hours, and gave her a bump in pay!

This just shows that patience and hard work can really pay off!

Here’s Tina’s advice for jobseekers who are struggling to find the right fit:

“My advice would be to definitely use a temp agency like TERRA. They are going to do their best to find you employment. They not only prepare you, they also make you feel valuable.

I am thankful that Jessica believed in me. She helped me find the perfect company – one that I could succeed in and be proud of. I could not be happier.”

Congratulations Tina! We’re so happy we could help you find a job where you can thrive!

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