Grow Your Company Culture With These Eight Ideas

By Jezabel Southard

Posted on June 17, 2016

teamwork summerSummer is a great time to cultivate company culture in a way that incorporates a sense of summer fun into your team’s consistent productivity.  Here are eight “top tips” on making your company culture thrive:

  1. Make praise viral. Build your culture and employment brands together by showing off your best people and their work in a variety of media. Use blog posts, vlogs, podcasts, and slideshows to show your team in action and applaud their accomplishments.  You’ll demonstrate to candidates that you offer a great place to work, and you’ll show your team how much you appreciate their work.
  2. Think “fun” with feedback. Keep growing both your culture and your employment brand by having employees contribute fun videos, blog posts and other media on what they like best about working with your company. A summer-long competition for “best video” or “best podcast,” with prizes, can encourage positivity and productivity.
  3. Have a group meal. For centuries, humans have eaten meals together because nothing provides a better venue for getting to know one another. Keep this tradition going by getting departments together over lunches or a summer barbecue to swap ideas.
  4. Hold an out-of-office team-building event. It’s not all rope courses and trust falls. Some of the best team-building events are walks for charity, building houses for those in need or volunteering on community cleanup projects.  Even a Friday night game of bowling can help build team spirit in an environment of summer fun.
  5. Ask about “Passion Projects.” Ask your people: “If you could take on one project right now that you are really passionate about, what would it be?” Then, get together with managers in other departments and see how many people you can assign to work on something they love. You’ll inspire them to get out of the “rut” and work hard.
  6. Keep communicating. It’s easy to let communication slide in the summer months, when everyone is rushing out the door to vacation or an evening outdoors with the kids. Commit to checking in with each team member once a week, no matter where in the world you are.
  7. Remind your team of its core values. What are the company’s core values? What is its mission?  Do your team members know these as well as you do?  Take time to remind them – and to recognize team members who exemplify these values.
  8. Hire smarter. Better hiring leads to better retention and more productivity in study after study. By examining your company’s culture, you can better identify the personality types that thrive in it – and help your staffing firm find candidates who offer the right attitude as well as the right skills.

Company culture is a vital element in your ability to attract, hire and retain top talent. These strategies are an excellent start to strengthening your company culture. However, if you would like personalized recruiting assistance, contact the team at TERRA Staffing.

At TERRA Staffing, our experienced recruiters can find the people you need to expand your company’s culture, boost motivation and productivity, and build teams that get results.

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