3 Networking Strategies for Growing Your Employer Brand

By TERRA Staffing Group

Posted on January 18, 2019

People at a networking event promoting their employer brandNetworking events present the perfect opportunity to build an employer brand that makes your company a more desirable place to work.

To seize this opportunity, prepare by building on specific strategies to establish and promote your employer brand.

Want to attract job seekers at your next networking event?

Here are three ways to build your brand:

1. Share your company’s mission statement and successes.

By placing your company’s mission statement front and center at networking events, you communicate immediately what your organization is about. You clarify its goals and passions, making it easier for candidates who share those goals and passions to find you.

By sharing examples of recent successes, you provide more context for the mission statement. The mission statement is the “what” and “why,” and the recent successes demonstrate the “how.” Candidates interested in participating in the “how” can more easily find your organization and communicate their interest.

2. Leverage your best asset for creating a strong brand.

Your current employees are your number-one asset for creating a strong employer brand. Their work and approach define the company’s culture, and their enthusiasm and successes can become the basis of a brand that reaches beyond a single networking event.

Consider including employees in networking and job fair events to serve as “brand ambassadors.” Their role at these events is to talk about the company, share its successes and enthuse about why they love to work with you. Their infectious passion can help attract candidates who would also thrive in your current culture.

3. Differentiate yourself from other employers at networking events.

Choose a differentiation method that underscores your company’s culture and brand. For instance, if you offer a fun, laid-back place to work, consider handing out candy or offering chair massages. If your organization prides itself on efficiency and communication, include a method for candidates to easily share their information without having to stand in line, such as a mobile app.

One simple, brand-specific method of differentiation can help you stay top-of-mind among candidates who value what you offer. To find the method that works for you, talk to your staffing firm for ideas.

Learn How TERRA Can Grow Your Brand’s Image

TERRA is focused on helping clients build strong employer brands that attract top talent and bolster each client’s unique internal culture.

Marketing your company’s mission statement, assets, and attributes initiates the path to a memorable brand.

At TERRA Staffing, our recruiters can evaluate your brand’s strengths and growth opportunities. Take that next step and contact us today.

Growing Your Employer Brand

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